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Letter from the Principal
Welcome to Aberdeen Elementary School, home of the Tigers! I have committed my life to finding opportunities to help others because people matter to me. Life is full of possibilities and as educators we have the opportunity and privilege to provide students with environments, relationships and resources that make learning the gateway to turning those possibilities into realities for our children.
There are some key ideals that are the foundation for my leadership in education.
  • I believe that everyone- students, educators, parents & community members-has value and deserves respect. Every life is significant.
  • I believe that the voice of the community should always be invited into conversations on improving learning at our school. There is no effective change without the collective efforts of all stakeholders.
  • I believe we have a responsibility to set high expectations for our educators' instructional practices and our students' academic performances because their success requires nothing less. When you expect more you get more.
  • I believe school should be a place of physical, emotional, relational and academic safety for every student. All stakeholders who care about the well-being of children are accountable for helping to create a learning environment where students thrive.
  • I believe that all students possess the gift of learning and teaching is the privilege of encouraging minds to find expression of that gift. Every student deserves quality instruction that meets their unique needs.
Aberdeen Elementary School is committed to the education and development of all of our students by providing a supportive learning environment rich in lessons and activities to engage and challenge our students. We work to establish a positive environment that advances the academic and personal potential in each student. There are leadership opportunities for our students that help develop them as learners for the 21st Century. Parents, guardians and community members volunteer in a number of areas to assist students and to aid in their development. Students continue to develop academic and social skills through their participation in our after school programs including  partnerships with ArtistYear, First Tee and more! Learning is celebrated throughout the year, and academics are supported through the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Program, which promotes a positive and supportive climate. Aberdeen Elementary School provides a welcoming learning environment that incorporates instruction that is differentiated and individualized. The use of technology and the encouragement of students to become engaged and responsible for their learning empower our students to become learners and leaders for life.
Education is a sacred trust between parents and the school staff to develop our community's most important resource. When we work together we provide our children with the chance to become more. I want people serving them to have a sense of urgency about investing in the education of all students. Our work together can inspire and empower students to engage in the pursuit of learning so that they may be equipped to live a life that matters to them and benefits our communities.
At Aberdeen Elementary School, Every child every day is the Tiger Way!
Dante Poole
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